Wednesday, May 6, 2009

After the Rain

It's unusual for us to have rain in May, and of course the rain is never enough to actually make a difference in the water supply, but how lovely everything looks in the garden, wet from the rain and with the filtered light of some cloud cover.

A few weeks ago I showed a picture of the monstrous shoots put up by my monster hosta. Well here is that plant just 2 weeks later! I love the texture of the leaves and how the water droplets will bead up on their surface.
The old-fashioned pink rose has been superb this year, giving me wonderful long stems to pick and enjoy in the house.

The standards are heavy with blooms, made even heavier by the rain. I like to get down underneath and get the gnome's view.

I wish I could capture the wonderful fresh smell of the lemon blossoms. I love this ill-behaved tree. And what a surprise to find fuchsias already.

I must remember to get out here for a little while every day... the sights, smells and sounds (bees buzzing!) are so soothing!

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