Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rewards of Blogging

Those that do it, get it, and those that don't, well, don't :-)
And to those that don't, like some who are very dear to me, it's hard to express the enjoyment and stimulation that comes from wandering in blogland. I am especially appreciative of the new little francophile network I've gathered on twitter and blogland, and the eye-opening wonders resulting from roaming mixed-media blogland.

So a thank you goes to my blog pal Andi, who perhaps unwittingly opened up one of these new avenues of adventure and exploration from her "Cote Français". She has honored me with this Sisterhood award.

These awards always come with conditions :-) Some of them are harder than others. It's funny, although I post something about my life almost daily on the internet!, I really am a private person, and so going out there and giving awards to others can be a little hard.

So for those I nominate, I will not be in the least offended if you do not have the time or inclination to pass on the award, but know that I have obtained some real and recent pleasure from visiting your blogs, and I would be truly thrilled to be so honored and hope you feel the same :-)
  1. Eric of Paris Daily Photo - OK, sorry Eric, if I were photoshop savvy perhaps I could change it to a "Bloghood" award, but I look forward to reading your blog every day, because it connects me with my darling girl living in Paris.
  2. Natalie of Le Parapluie - I only recently stumbled upon your blog, but I so envy your adventures in Europe and love reading about them, and again, helps me connect with my Paris darlings.
  3. Oh, the sighs, shreaks and yes, even tears, that have come from reading Paris Breakfasts! Carol, you are a kindred spirit, as Anne of Green Gables would say, and I look forward to owning your artwork some day :-)
  4. Pollyvousfrancais, you won my heart last night with the video posted, and I've enjoyed your stories.
  5. Peter of Peter's New Paris, you have no idea how many of your posts I've read and followed and forwarded, that have been so helpful for further exploring Paris. Thank you for your diligent reporting! Oh and again my apologies for the girlie award :-)
  6. Deb of Artshtick's Corner, no blogging day would be complete without a mutual visit. I so love your work and appreciate your support!
  7. Allison of Hambly Screen Prints, you have opened up a new corner of a new world for me...paper!
  8. Debee of Art as Life, congratulations on your new life, I know you have no time for this, but I drool over your graphic art work!
  9. Carla of Leafdays, whom I discovered on Twitter, oh what lovely collages you create!
  10. Traci of Creativity Unleashed, your creativity is almost overwhelming :-)
Phew, the notification part will have to wait for another day...I need to do something creative :-)


  1. Thank you Diane, for honoring me with this award! I have been having the darndest time trying to come up with an aceo for the swing theme in one of the groups I'm in - I even thought of you and tried a collage, which was an utter mess. I am at that "throw in the towel and try again another day" stage, even though my goal was to have 2 posted by today. So coming here and receiving your encouragement was especially uplifting today!!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. It's great to know that people out there are interested in what I have to write!