Monday, April 13, 2009

The Promise

This ACEO started with the crown, a great little charm with pink crystals on it that I picked up at Memories Live On this Saturday.
"Make me into an ACEO" it demanded.

I found a lovely bride from my pile of images, looking like she needed a crown to cap her day, and she's mounted on a collage of fancy papers - Luxury Stack, something new from Memories, and a paint chip from Orchard Supply.
That got me thinking about the commitment, the Promise...such a strong word, in whatever context or language it is used - just think about it, when you say "I promise...", how much stronger is it than "I will, I'll do that, sure, I'll take out the garbage". "Je fais la promesse", even stronger in French, "I make the promise."

An alphabet clock "P" with a pink crystal, a pink crocheted butterfly, the definition of la promesse from my vintage french dictionary, and some french lace highlighted with gold acrylic paint complete the front.

ACEO "Promise", Diane Weber, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Sometimes I find it hard to use things that I like and cherish so much..but the memories they drum up are almost more important than the things themselves...trolling the rue de Grenelle antiques market back in January, crammed inside the tiny accouterments store with Megan (what did she buy? Oh no, I can't remember...) in March.

On the back, stamped images, layered papers, including a new Marie silhouette, and my favorite typewriter letters spelling out
P r o m i S e.

The entire card highlighted with gold pigma ink and gold acrylic paint make it sparkle!


  1. Diane your work is really great! Are you making these every single day?

  2. Ah, I wish I had the time to art every day :-) But there is the job, the store, the house, the garden, my health...etc., like everyone, lots to take care of.

    But I do try to do something creative everyday, and I have all my art supplies at my fingertips, so as an idea comes to mind, I can take a few minutes to start sticking stuff together :-)

  3. I bought flosss... duhhh :) love you

  4. Beautiful! We need to find you some inspiration here in America, so you won't have to travel so far for it!