Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Owl & The Pizza

Although they didn't go to sea in a beautiful pea green boat, they did comprise the creative elements of my weekend.

The Owl sits upon a new notepad made on Saturday at a "Make and Take" at Memories Live On, my local scrapbooking store.
I love going to these little free classes to learn about the paper, products and techniques used in scrapbooking and card making. This is a goldmine for mixed media artists, at least those like myself who don't turn their noses up at such things as rub-on stickers. "What are you, four?" someone asked after I proudly displayed my stickered pad, held together with a bamboo skewer and a hair tie. No matter, for I had discovered another source of gorgeous paper and acrylic overlays, Hambly Screen Prints. I can't wait to use some of these products in my ACEOs.

Since Tod was playing golf until late in the day, I had the task of putting dinner together. That would be a better description of the task than "cooking" since I didn't cook a thing. But I did pick some fresh oregano (and cleaned up the little oregano bush in the yard)...

...cut up peppers, microwave meatballs, and artichoke hearts, along with pizza sauce and shredded cheese, into this lovely creation...

It only took 3 calls to my lifeline to get it done...

"Which side of the crust do you put the stuff on?"
"What temperature do I set the oven at?"
"How much of the cheese do I use?"

Oh by the way, it was delicious, especially the pungency of the fresh oregano :-)

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