Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Surprise when it Comes to the "E"

Anyone who knows me or who has been to this blog more than once can easily guess the subject for the French letter "E".

I've done quite a few collages and textile pieces with La Tour Eiffel as the primary subject, so what's different about this one? Quicker decisions. That's what I am trying to teach myself. How to be comfortable with quicker collage decisions. Formerly I would have spent a week just searching for the perfect background...this time, I just said, "hmmm, I like this flower and this color and I think I can work it into an interesting palette, so, background chosen."

Then, which of the many printed and stamped Eiffel Tower images should I use. This one will do. Rip it out. What's next. The E is easy. Ooh I think I have some vellum the same color as the flower, and a gem the same color green as the background. Oh, green, I have several of the Eiffel Tower brochures from the night Tod and I went up in to keep, several to cut up. Some gold paint, an Eiffel Tower brad..voila! Done!

I kept the back simple. This is from an artist reproduction collage sheet. Wish I knew the provenance. Anyone?

And apparently it was fated to be quite the "E" tower day. When I came home I saw a styrofoam cube in the doorway, from Shutterfly. I didn't order anything. Could it be a gift??

Yes, look what my darling girl sent me for Mother's Day! ..the picture was from my last night in Paris, when we went out in the pouring rain and howling wind for one last look at the twinkling lights!

This next "E" token came home with me from Paris Disneyland in March, but when I took it out of the suitcase, there was a little chip in it. But I found the chip and stored it inside. Just tonight, Tod decided it was time to glue that piece back on for me so I can enjoy it.

It's hard to get a good picture of l'oeuf.

Outside, Mickey, Minnie et Pluto sont devant Notre Dame, Goofy est un bouquiniste, Donald et Daisy sont dans une voiture devant une boulangerie, il y a un pont et Sacre Coeur au loin, et quand vous l'ouvrez.... voila!
la tour Eiffel!

J'espère que c'était un bon "E" jour pour tous!

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  1. How beautiful Diane! And I hope my kids send me coffee mugs with their photos when I'M and empty nester!! How blessed you are!