Thursday, April 30, 2009

J'aime les Fleurs

I have been looking forward to the "F", parce que j'aime bien les fleurs!
And in looking through my collage materials, I found une fille avec les fleurs...two "F" words for the price of one :-)

ACEO "F", Diane Weber. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

This ACEO took on a color life of it's own. Remember I am trying to make my collage decisions more quickly. I had already chosen the background paper with the bit of lilac showing, then le coleur de la robe de la fille set the color decision. A savon ad with violets, un timbre francais with more purple and green, add the letter "F", the purple gem, the pink crown and I am very pleased with the monochromatic composition. I almost forgot to leave room for the words, but was able to fit both 'fleur' and 'fille' along the top and side.

For the back I knew there must be more flowers. I quickly remembered the hydrangea petal background paper, added a paint chip (love picking up the free paint chips at Orchard Supply Hardware!), and crowned it with a photo I took in Paris in January. I love how the French flower shops will arrange large tight bunches of roses...

Speaking of roses, those dans mon jardin are doing well, even Mr. Lincoln who has been struggling for years. He puts up shoots so high I have to cut them to see the blooms! This bloom was on a stem that must have been 7 feet off the ground!

I wish there was such a thing as a smell recorder, so I could capture and save the wonderful essence of this Mr. Lincoln. Cette fleur est ci grande that it fills the kitchen with the scent of rose.

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