Friday, April 24, 2009

A is for AMOUR

Let me say once again that I find collage a challenge. So many choices, so many decisions to make, no wonder my Steampunk Gladiator Raven ACEO took a week to make! (Okay, so I was out of town for 4 days of the week and DID NOT take my art supplies with me to San Diego as I did to Paris, but still, it was hard!)

The key to making it easier, and I speak not from experience but from conjecture, is to have a clear subject, a purpose, a story to tell, involving things one loves.

I love art, typography and France, so there you have it...French flash card ACEOs!

Starting with...

A is for Amour

The lovely background came from somewhere in twitter-blogland...I shall have to retrace my breadcrumbs and figure out where...thank you, whoever you are that provided free collage backgrounds!

Stamped and fabric hearts make up the next layer, lovers, scrabble tiles spelling out "A M O U R" on red vellum, a gold charm heart, a red crystal, and some French lace along the bottom edge. Gold ink and gold acrylic paint make it all sparkle!

On the back I used more of my gold Hambly overlay directly over the white base the way it looks, especillly with the back of the white lace at the bottom edge. More red vellum and a stamped "Amour", edged in gold ink and sparkled with gold acrylic paint.

Easy? Not...but I am quite happy at the rate of progress and the result!

Will I do all 26 letters? Not likely, as I bore easily, but "B" and "C" are well underway :-)

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