Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Am A Chameleon

Yes, I've decided I am a chameleon, one who 'changes the color of the skin', especially in response to my surroundings.

When I am in San Francisco, I want to be a San Franciscan.

218 Connecticut St, San Francisco, 2008

View of San Francisco from Potrero Hill, 2008

When I am in the south of France, I want to live the French village life.

Eze le Village, France, 2007

Lourmarin, France, 2007

When I am in Paris, I want to be a chic Parisian city-dweller, or, more appropriate to my age, one of the little old french ladies with a shopping cart and a dog, and in winter I shall wear a fur coat (not real, though) and heels when shopping the market.

Megan at the Puces de Vanvres, March 2009

And when I am at the beach, I am sure that's where I want to live out my life, within sight and sound of the surf, the sand and the sun.

Pacif Beach, San Diego, April 2009

Pt Loma, San Diego, April 2009

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