Monday, April 27, 2009

D is for Deux

OK, maybe not the most complex subject, but remember that collage is a challenge for me, so the ease of finding relevant imagery is an influence!

It wasn't hard at all to find postage stamps with '2's on them...I have quite a supply...some from the rue de Grenelle antiques market, some from eBay, and some from my collaging friend Angela. Oh and I just happen to have a rubber stamp of a 2 centimes postage stamp :-)

I bought yards of the cool twill tape with Eiffel Towers and numbers on them...really not sure what else you would use this for.

And why the Eiffel Tower in the background? Well, notice the level that is most visible. I remember distinctly on our January trip, when it was so cold and there were absolutely no lines to go up the tower, I almost didn't go up (elevators and heights freak me out), then spontaneously blurted out, "deux billets pour le deuxieme etage, svp".

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  1. This series you are doing is great! I gave you an award: