Saturday, April 25, 2009

B is for bébé

Continuing my French alphabet series, and thrilled at having accomplished two collages in one sitting, here is...

B for bébé

I should mention more about my sources, now that I have retraced my breadcrumbs and figured out where I found lovely collage stuff.

The background is another piece of a free background sheet...I have tried hard to figure out where this came from, retracing almost every link in my history file, but to no avail. So thank you again, whoever provided this.

The baby, and the lovers from the "A is for Amour" card, are from Digital Collage Sheets.
I really love their products, and have tried their free sheets, and decided to give the purchased sheets a try. I hesitate sometimes to buy digital collage sheets, because I don't have the best printers, but with their thorough printing instructions, I am very pleased with the quality of the printed images (from my mediocre but 6-ink printer, on very heavy 67 lb paper).

And the nice thing about digital sheets is I can keep printing them as I need them, which is the case with both the clock letters, the scrabble tiles and the typewriter letters.

Mais, encore, malheureusement, je ne me souviens pas où j'ai acheté les photos.

On the back is more of the gold overlap from Hambly. Just like Allison told me, I was able to beautifully and successfully stamp on the overlap with StazOn ink.

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  1. All the fun you have doing your art - It shines through, Diane!