Friday, April 17, 2009

And the award goes to...


Thank you, Deb, for honoring me with this award.

Her very kind words:

Diane Weber is an incredible
collage, mosaic and textile artist. She has the patience for detail that I
totally lack.

My 5 favorite movies:

  1. Harry Potter - I've loved every one of them, although perhaps Prisoner of Azkaban the best (I think the directing was incredible in this one!)
  2. Amélie (Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain) - A part of me wants to be the mischievous Amelia, whose golden heart really just wants to bring happiness to others, at least those she feels deserve it ;-)
  3. The Money Pit - I laugh at every part, every time!
  4. Once - The talent of Glen and Marketa and the triumph of their underdog story makes me feel the world is good.
  5. The Science of Sleep - Never have I been so moved. I've only watched it once and am waiting until I think I can watch it without making a mess of myself.

Others that vie for a position in the top 5:

  • In Bruges - this very dark movie was really very good, and now that I have been to Bruges, I am looking forward to seeing the movie again.
  • The Mask, never fails to make me laugh, quoted over and over.
  • Shanghia Noon - I know, not a classic in the list, nor is this, but it is so funny!
  • Mary Poppins

Best picture of the year? Who knows...not me, I know too little about movies. But I am looking forward to more Harry Potter and The Hobbit!

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