Friday, April 10, 2009

I do have heart...

Well, if "home is where the heart is", then my home is in Paris.

I miss you, Paris and your temporary inhabitants, especially on this holiday weekend.

What happened to the little girl in the homemade dress with bunnies on it, running around collecting Easter eggs? How can she be in Paris, 5,000 miles away from me??

Easter 1993, Sunnyvale CA

Easter 1993, Sunnyvale CA

I miss you, and so I pour my heart into my art...

ACEO Heart


  1. I'm going to have a hard time as an empty nester too, Diane. But right now, my 3 kids are working hard to make sure I'm eager to get rid of them! You can borrow any or all of them for Easter tomorrow! :)

  2. I am homesick for Paris ALL the time.