Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Tools, New Packaging Ideas

Some new stamps arrived yesterday, because, I don't have enough yet. I cannot get over how my attitude towards rubber stamps has changed from one of puzzled quasi-disdain to, I-must-have-more-stamps. Live & learn!

These stamps are from a company called Cavallini & Co in San Francisco...they come packaged in these nifty tins with a ink pad inside, and the stamps are high quality wood...absolute treasures to behold, even if I never used them...which I will.

I have a wonderful new fan and customer who has been buying my ACEOs in sets of 3. Last night I played with some ideas for packaging them. I took one of the envelopes from a Shutterfly picture delivery, cut it and covered it with pretty paper, making it into a folder.

On the inside, more pretty paper, and the cards arranged in place with clear photo corners, and a hand-written note.

Simple, yet hopefully it says, I care that you have purchased my art!


  1. I love your packaging.....I love your aceo's....
    BTW your package, the one that really belongs to you is on its way. Please don't send it back it is really yours, right name.right address. geesh near 50 and already senile...chelle

  2. Diane, you have a mountain of ideas! Those are simply pretty, I like them all!

  3. I love also the background of your blog!
    You must explain me how you did this!