Monday, March 2, 2009

6-6 Tag

I've been tagged by my blogging friend Deb. This is a new game - take the 6th photo from the 6th picture folder on your computer, and write about it.

Well, being an engineer, I had all sorts of questions - which computer? which folder - "My Pictures" or any picture folder? And once I choose a folder, how should I sort it? By name, date modified, size?

Well, I decided to use the "My Pictures" folder on my main computer. The 6th folder, in order of last modified, is "Garden 2009", and the 6th photo:

Last fall Tod surprised me one Saturday afternoon with a bag of daffodil bulbs, which was thrilling, especially after our trip to the Netherlands last April. Daffodils do ok in California, but not great. It just isn't cold enough. But I am happy to report that we've got a fair number of daffodils scattered around, and the flowers have been quite good.


  1. Diane, that's a BEAUTIFUL daffodil photo! I live in VA, where daffodils grow like weeds, only I have so many squirrels and moles and voles and chipmunks residing on my postage stamp lot, they nibble mine as soon as the shoots come up every spring. I wish I had such pretty flowers in my garden!

  2. Oh....this photo makes me with for spring! We have to buy our daffodils, cut in the store here in Sask. I can't imagine them growing like weeds!