Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on the Bookshelf - Blog Printing

I've spent a fair amount of time blogging, and like it so much, that I want to make sure all the great information is never lost. And so last year I pounded the Internet to find a way to print my blog. I am still working on finding an ideal solution, but I did have some success with a service called Blog2Print.

To keep things manageable I printed one month at a are April, May and June 2008. The formatting and pagination needs some work, but the print quality is excellent.

They have a new version and a special offer going on. Give it a try with this code and we both can get a discount.


  1. You are so good! I still haven't even put my wedding photos into an album...We've been married 25 yrs. this July!

  2. LOL Deb, I am the same way. HEHE But I do like this idea Diane and think it is cool that your doing this. Maybe one day I will get organized and get to do something similar. Love coming to your blog and reading your updates. Keep up the great work.