Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Horsin' Around with an ACEO

I am remiss for not posting this sooner, but I have been busy expounding on my own creative efforts....hey, it's my blog, I get to do that. But tonight I had too much work to do in my store and didn't get to make anything, so at least I could highlight someone else's creative efforts.

I won this incredible ACEO in a raffle from my blogging friend Pencil Sanity (Maria). I have not done the best job with the scan, which makes me have new respect for pencil and paint artists who then have to scan their work.

Thank you, Maria, for sharing your stories and your art with me!
I love it, and shall call him Mr. Ed. :-)

Horse Head Study, MJM (Pencil Sanity)

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  1. Thank you Diane for the post. I am glad that you won "Mr. ED". I am still learning how to scan color pencil properly myself. It is a challenge and the graphite drawings if there is high contrast is even more difficult for me. You did great and who knows, maybe your name will come out of the hat again at the end of one of my monthly drawings.