Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Theme Week ACEO

Happy February! (Celebrating with a new blog border :-))

February has a lot of significance for me. My birthday, Megan's birthday, hopefully the start of warmer weather (it has been 65-68 degrees for the last several days!).

One of the things I don't normally celebrate is Mardi Gras. But, that is the theme for the ACEO group's theme week this month, and so I gave it a whirl.

As usual, I've been thinking about it for a while, but had to cram it in today. No matter, it is done and entered :-)

This theme week composition began with a collage of postage stamps in Mardi Gras purple colors - I did this over a week ago! These are cut into the shape of a mask, backed with paper from the Mega-stack and mounted to matt board for a dimensional effect.

The background of the card are individually cut and placed triangles in hand-dyed green and purple fabric arranged in a jester pattern (this is a lot easier than it sounds...just layer two pieces of fabric and cut them at 30 degree angles, 1/2" apart, then pick off every other one...and there is a bonus set to spare).

The background is triple-stitched with green and purple metallic thread. Around the edge is a variegated acrylic yarn in shades of pink to purple, couched in place on the edge with metallic thread. The mask is held in place with a metal brad. Another copper colored metal fleur-de-lis brad completes the composition.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I knew you'd find a way to weave Paris into your Mardi Gras aceo! Well done Diane!