Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deadline Approaches...WIP

We're going to have another ACEO Playing Card Deck. This time, a double deck. After staying up until midnight a couple weeks ago to be sure I had a chance to sign up, I've been assigned the 9 of hearts.

Being the literal iterpreter I am, it will be a quilt with 9 hearts on it. Perhaps the idea is not creative, but I'll try to make the techniques so.

I'm starting with hand-painted backgrounds. While I had the paints out, I figured I would paint and stamp a bunch.

This one on the right, a merged progression of red, blue and purple, overstamped with a red heart, is my favorite so far.

And so I did some thread-painting on it today...

Stay tuned as I try to come up with the best 9 of hearts!

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