Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Day, Another Paris ACEO

I can't help it. I have so much ephemera, so many things to use - the vintage postage stamps, the fleur-de-lis brads (why did I buy 2 packages of 50 brads each?), the endless supply of stamped Eiffel Tower images (at least until my ink pads run dry), and it does not take much to fill the space of a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" Artist Trading Card.

And so I've made another French ACEO. This one gave me the opportunity to play with transparency film, which I read about in Collage Unleashed. It was a bit tricky stamping on the film without smearing, and I didn't think about the fact that I would have to use the reverse side, so the stamped words will have to be saved for something else :-)

In the background is a map of France, colored with colored pencils, layered with fleur-de-lis and gold vellum paper, with a few carefully chosen postage stamps and a stamped cancellation image. On top of all that is the reverse stamped transparency film, held in place with 3 brads and a grommet (sounds like a good title...3 brads and a grommet). On the tag is another French postage stamp, a couple more fleur-de-lis, and distress ink (produces, not causes). I also got to use some of my great copper fiber.

I call it 'les visages de la france".

On the back is more stamped images and that special message...

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  1. Diane, I have only been to France once - when I was 6 months pregnant and on a business trip. You make me feel like I missed out on a lot!