Monday, February 23, 2009

After 5 Days...

This collage / mixed media ACEO all started with a vintage airmail envelope. I love these envelopes, the older the better. I saw some, all thin and faded, at the De Anza flea market at the beginning of the month, and the guy had tons of them, but wanted $1 each. I don't think so. So I hunted some down on eBay, a bit cheaper, and even unused! When I cut a piece of the envelope to fit onto the ACEO-sized board, the words jumped out at me!

AFTER 5 DAYS RETURN TO ...why it had to be... PARIS!

To the envelope I added the lovers, and note how their heads come together in a perfect heart shape, just like the stamped paint chip heart behind them, a French ribbon bearing the message "Je t'aime" (this is the ribbon from Loisirs & Creations), an Eiffel Tower (some newly purchased image art) and a canceled France postage stamp (from the stamps Megan bought me at the Grenelle antiques market), then perfectly stamped "Paris" in the return address area, and added a heart and fleur-de-lis. That's the way I left it last night...there was a little something missing.

Tonight I added the Eiffel Tower cancellation mark, and I now find it perfect :-)

ACEO "After 5 Days", Diane Weber, 2 1.2" x 3 1.2"

On the back are additional images of fleur-de-lis, an Eiffel Tower and a Paris postage cancellation mark, and the title stamped in French, "apr├Ęs 5 jours".

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