Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adding some Paint...to an ACEO

I decided to get out the paints the other day. Well, the paints are always out on the painting, I mean dining room, table. I was making an Asian themed artist trading card and wanted a bamboo stem down the side.

As simple as this card appears (which is the goal with asian art) it has a lot of elements - the painted bamboo stem, a piece of silk dupioni down the right side, clip art geisha and butterfly , some fancy red and gold papers, a (fake) gold coin, and the stamped word "beauty".

On the back is another mini collage - fabric base, some fancy paper, and a fabric fan that would not fit on the front.


  1. Love this ACEO, so pretty. I am catching up on things and I just adore the ACEO cartoon. How creative. A visit to your blog is so inspiring! Jenna Louise

  2. These are pretty...Do I sense a trip to the orient on your horizon?