Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ACEO Collection Additions

Remember, I DO NOT collect ACEOs!

I just happened to pick up this little gem, because I have a thing pour les lapins (to look at, NOT to eat). It was several months ago that I saw this painting on my blogging friend Deb's blog, and I hunted her down to ask, "where is it, I want to bid on it?". Turns out it was not an ACEO for sale, but a painting she did for her son. But, like an elephant who never forgets, she did another as an ACEO, and I not only hunted it down (sorry, petit lapin, we are NOT hunting rabbits!), but won it!

Here is my little lapin (la pen), who must be "agile" to stand up and reach the carrots growing on the tree :-)

OK, so the references are to "Le Lapin Agile" a very famous cabaret in the Montemarte area of Paris, made famous by the sign of the agile rabbit jumping out of the pot, seen on the front of the building (this is a copy, not the original sign).

The Lapin Agile is also famous because it was a favorite haunt of local artists, including Pablo Picasso, who lived and worked at Le Bateau Lavoir just "deux pas" as the French say (which literally means two steps, but it's more like our "stone's throw"). He painted this self-portrait at Lapin Agile, with the owner in the background, and gave it to the owner, who later sold it for about $20. The next time this painting sold, the price was $41 million!

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  1. Diane, I DID see this! I was in the process of trying to create a real looking PayPal invoice for $41 million, and I was going to send it to you! But then, I thought maybe I'd get in trouble for impersonating PayPal, so I just pulled it back out of the mailbox...I'm so glad you like your Carrot Tree aceo! And the Lapin Agile hare is adorable. I could see that character getting into all sorts of mischief!!