Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ready for 2009

Somehow time got away from me, and I found myself facing 2009 without a daily calendar! I also hardly had a desk calendar or a wall calendar...whatever happened to getting calendars as Christmas presents?? Well, actually I did get one, but it's in my cubicle at work.

So, back to the subject at calendar book! Well, I decided to make one. How better to get exactly what one wants??

I searched through the oh-too-many blank notebooks, journals and blank books I have for just the right size and format.

Tore the wrapper off this baby to find not only a beautiful cover but sturdy pages. A handmade bookmark gave me a chance to play with paper, fabric, eyelet and cord.

Found sources online for printing calendar pages, which I adapted to the size of the book in Photoshop. That's the other side of my bookmark.

Megan made my weekly pages for me by printing out the days of the week and tape running them in place (don't know about tape running?? must have a tape runner...check out the scrapbooking/adhesives aisle of your craft store...this stuff is a dream!).

I often use my journal pages to stamp off any ink left on my stamps...don't want to waste any ink or images!

And so I've turned the ordinary task of buying a day planner into the creative and fun task of making the best journal I've ever had.

Happy 2009!

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