Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing with Ideas

So many ideas, so litle time, and so I got nothing completed. But there are these ideas I am playing with...

As I cull through my bag of stamps, I keep seeing similar images over and over, but in all different colors. I think they are very Warhol, don't you?

And being philatelically taxonomical, I cannot resist the temptation to is the France and UK pile, again looking somewhat Wharholish.

Then there are the beads in Mardi Gras colors...can these make their way into my Mardi Gras Theme Week ACEO challenge?

And there is the pile of fabric that needs to get listed...

But I am off to bed.


  1. I love the whole Warhol Idea. Keep those Ideas coming you never know what will inspire you to think outside the box. I know youhave definitely Inspired me. Thanks , Chelle

  2. LOL! We have different stuff on our todo lists, but I can certainly relate!!

  3. Since I started drawing try try never to have more than three drawings unfinished. I used to have all sorts of projects that needed finishing. I feel much more relaxed now.
    Those beads do look like loads of fun.