Saturday, January 3, 2009

Paris Collage ACEOs

My burst of creativity continues, althoughI think I'm going to have to put it aside soon and start packing!

C0ntinuing to be inspired by Paris and collaging, while also incorporating things I know...

This first card is called "Paris Shadows.

The background is a Lakehouse typography fabric, written in french, black on a creamy white. I stamped an Eiffel Tower image on the fabric with metallic ink, then outlined it with metallic thread. Hand-cut black fabric diamonds form the side border, also outlined with gold ink and gold metallic thread. Overlaid onto the top of the card is a shadowy hand-made paper with gold and silver specks that I got at Arch just before Christmas. A white fabric on the back wraps around to the front and is stitched down in a binding with coppery thread.

The attached tag is covered with french black and white toile paper and backed with black fabric. Gold metallic floss attaches the tag to the ACEO through gold colored grommets.

ACEO Paris Shadows, Diane Weber, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

This next one is called "Meet Me in Paris".

The background is a fleur-de-lis paper. 2009 card paper images are gelled in place. The Eiffel Tower is stamped with metallic pigma ink, and written in is "Meet Me in Paris" and "City of Lights". The card is then covered in clear vinyl which is stitched in place with coppery thread. On the back is a fleur-de-lis vellum paper, also from Arch.

The attached tag is covered with a beautiful image of a face created in script; this is washed with a flesh-tone acrylic paint wash. Attached is a golden fleur-de-lis charm. The tag is attached to the ACEO with gold floss.

ACEO "Meet Me in Paris", Diane Weber, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"


  1. Diane these are gorgeous! I want to go to Paris!!!

  2. congratulations You won a Free Michelle Anderson original print.
    Diane. please send me an email at with your mailing address so I can send it right out to you.
    thanks for commenting on my blog.
    I would like to add you as one of my friends on blogger if thats ok and if you would like to do the same that would be great.
    Also I am interested in joining the ACEO blog that you are in. can you send me some info.