Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mosaic Discoveries & Revelations

Have you ever noticed that something might have been under your nose all along, yet you never noticed it, until you become interested in that something, then suddenly it is all around you, just waiting to be observed. Believe me that makes sense when you have experienced it.

That's me and mosaics.

While doing some errands in Paris recently, we happened across this cafe with mosaic tables. Oh how I wanted to stop and take pictures, only it was pouring down rain!

How touched was I to receive these photos today of the beautiful mosaic tables at the cafe across the street from St. Johns.

Thank you, Megan and Laura, for thinking of me :-)

With these inspiring influences, it is time to start revealing my current mosaic project, a challenge to create a mosaic jewelry box. Since it is due by the end of the month, it is good that the tiling is just about done. But I will reveal slowly ;-)

Bare box, purchased at Michaels for about $3...

Supplies in place...

Start with the stem and flower...

Filling in the front and top...

Stay tuned for the sides and back, which are done, but I have to stretch this out, because I am not supposed to reveal the box to my mosaic buddies (shhh..don't tell them!) until it is all done, which means...drat...grouted!


  1. Diane I LOVE it! Is there nothing you can't do? Textile art, quilts, collages, and now mosaics! I don't think I'd have the patience for mosaics, but they are gorgeous!!

  2. Once you look at glass and start breaking it you will never be the same again. Check out my blog Diane for my article on my NEW line of MOSAIC ACEO's I am giving one away !!