Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love Letters ACEO

The ATC & ACEO Enthusiasts Group has a weekly challenge. All it is is a theme, but a theme can be a real help, because there are so many things to write about, so many things to art about, it is nice to have someone kind of tell you what to do, like having homework.

So the theme for the week is Love Letter. That fits in nicely with my postage stamps and upcoming Valentine's Day.

I had an interesting experience with this card. It looked much different in my head. And when I first put it together, I thought, ew, not what I had in mind. But then I went off and did a few things and came back and looked at the card and thought, hey, that's pretty cute ;-)

So here is "Be Mine", a "Love Letter".
I used some of the red paper I bought at Arch, used to wrap Christmas presents, then saved for use in my collages. The butterfly is cut from fabric, the heart is cut from a postage stamp collage, and although not intentional, I love the way the stern faces appear on the heart. It's all attached with a metal brad, and supplemented with some gold inking and stamping.

On the back I placed this image from a reproduction sewing thread ad. I love this face, and I captioned it "Be Mine" :-)
The background paper for the back was pilfered from Megan's Extreme Paper Stack...ha ha ha, we'll see how much of that extreme stack is left when you get back!