Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jour 2 à Paris

Paris offered up some wonderful sights early on our first full day in the City of Lights...first, a spectacular sunrise, which happens late enough that it is quite easy catch, then a rainbow! All from the convenience of our apartment.

It took us several trips yet still not all the luggage has been transported over to St. Johns University dormitory, right across from the line 10 Vaneau station. This shot of the girls is before they saw the size of the room they need to share for the next several months :-)

Still there was plenty of time to get in some sights, which included a couple of classics...Notre Dame without the obstruction of the tall leafy tree, and the Cite Metro station.

Only Paris could look so perfect in the January light!

One more photo to share...janvier est le mois pour les soldes in France. Les signes pour les soldes sont partout, mais c'est mon favori, fabricant avec les boutons blancs de perle!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos Diane! I'm craving French food now!!