Saturday, January 17, 2009

If this is Saturday, this must be...

My favorite spot in Paris...Montemarte! Ah, j'aime bien Montemarte! So we all trooped off to the butte despite the rain, and were rewarded with reasonable weather.

Although I have been to Montemarte several times, and feel like I have been there each time I have watched my favorite movie, Amelie, there were a couple of firsts. For the first time, we actually sat and had un cafe at an overpriced but scenic cafe on the main square, and for the first time I visited the local fabric stores (under the guidance of the Parsons Paris tour guide) et j'ai acheté un petit quelque chose.

I return to the same spots and take the same pictures every time, but hey, that's what makes me happy!

Megan & Laura against the backdrop of Sacre Coeur.

Megan & Mom at the apartment of Vincent & Theo Van Gogh

Les trois jeunes filles au cafe des 2 Moulins (the actual cafe from the movie Amelie)

Speaking of romantic Montemarte, here is the 3rd in my ACEO series, Fabriqué en Paris,

Fabriqué en Paris #3, Diane Weber, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"


  1. Oh what a wonderful time our having. I wish I was there. Jealous!!!

  2. Fun, Fun, Fun! It's great to stop at your blog and see your adventures. Blessings, Jenna Louise