Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Speaking of Books and Geisha

One of my many fascinations is with "many" things Japanese. I won't say "all" things, because I won't go near Japanese food, but I love Japanese fabric, Japanese imagery, and have spent much time, particularly in my quilting career, fascinated with the stories and imagery associated with geisha.
It was a beautiful geisha fabric (thank you, Kona Bay Fabric company) that inspired me to design my Hanafubuki pattern.


I was thinking about geisha tonight as I combed my bookcase and decided to sell my copy of the book "Geisha" by Liza Dalby. This is a fascinating anthropological story of the only foreigner ever to have become a geisha. I decided to sell it since I probably won't read it again and no one in my family shares this fascination, but once you have read or seen Arthur Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha (both of which I recommend), try this book for an excellent non-fiction version.


  1. Diane you amaze me. Your talents are wonderful! Happy New Year! Be sure to stop at my blog if you have time, you have been tagged:) Thanks for your inspiration! Jenna Louise

  2. Diane - I forgot to tell you I have the collage unleashed book and I LOVE IT! You will so enjoy it! Happy New Year, thanks for stopping in my blog, if you are too busy for the tag that is fine, enjoy:) Jenna Louise