Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sometimes I Buy ACEOs

I don't want to get into the habit of collecting ANYTHING else. As it is, I spend most of my "free" time trying to sell the quilts, the patterns, the fabric, the batting, the magazines, and who knows what else that has collected from a 10+ year professional quilting career. Well, some things won't get sold, like my feedsacks, my 30's reproduction fabrics and quilts, my vintage quilts, my most famous quilts. But I digress.

As I was saying, I don't want to start any more collections. But I do like to support my fellow eBay ACEO artists, and there are certain subjects which I can't resist...gnomes, and Paris!

Altogether I believe I have less than 20 ACEOs collected...make that less than 25. That doesn't include those won as prizes, and it doesn't include the ones I've given away. So anyway, less than 25, including this absolutely stunningly adorable ACEO added to my collection this week.

It is called Bonne AnneƩ and was made by Angela Kennedy. The scan cannot begin to express how pretty this card is - there is glitter on the Eiffel Tower, glitter and crystals on the leaves, gold leafing...it is just precious! And I can't seem to take my eyes off it.

But it's not just pretty, there is a story, and it's the story that makes art really wonderful, n'est-ce pas? So here's the story.

I'm not really sure how I found this ACEO to begin with, whether I was searching or browsing, sometimes I look to see if there are any cool bargains to be had. But anyway, I found it, and the subject is Paris, so I was of course drawn in by the heartstrings. And not only is it Paris, but there are two girls in Paris. This was before we got the "oui" from Parsons Paris, so I was nervous about bidding on something that showed two girls in Paris before we knew if there would be two girls in Paris. But I thought I would bid for good luck. The next day I was outbid. I sat on this for a while, while we were waiting, trying to decide what to do. As it approached the end of the auction, we still had not heard from Parsons Paris, but I felt that bidding and winning would be a sign. So I bid, much higher than one might expect, and I won! And no sooner did I win this card, that Megan heard that she was accepted. Quelle chance!

As I continue to gaze at it, I am starting to convince myself that the little girl on the left looks like Laura. I'm going to have to find them hats like those in the picture and get a real picture of Laura and Megan with la tour eiffel in the background, and make my own ACEO :-)

Thank you, Angela, for this art and this story!

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  1. That is a lovely aceo Diane! Congratulations on winning it!