Monday, December 8, 2008

Searching for Collage...Collage-Style Quilt

Collage...why is it so elusive to me? I long for a whole creative day where I do nothing but collage, a day with everything out...paper, paint, stickers, stamps, ink, beads, baubles and embellishments, ribbon, fabric, thread, buttons. Maybe that's part of the problem...too many things, too many choices. I think another part of the problem is restricting myself to a small space. How to put so many elements on a space the size of a playing card??

I spent a whole period of my quilting career creating a body of quilt art in a collage-like style. The large spaces, large pieces and well-defined lines all gave me the structure I needed.

Kona Kollage was the first quilt I created for my Panel Panache design. Starting with 3 large pieces of the primary fabric from Kona Bay fabric company, then adding fabric after fabric to create a color, value and scale gradation from the center to the corner.

Thankfully, I don't remember this being anywhere near as hard as tring to decide where to put the stamps, tags or stickers on my Paris félicitations cards!

Kona Kollage, Diane Weber, 62" x 80"

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