Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More on Vintage Yukata Fabric & Quilts

In preparation for the holidays, we had to clean the house. We do this about once every 2 years, whether we need to or not. The room requiring the most work was the guest room, also known as the quilt storage room.

I have lots of quilts, many of them for sale. I feel strongly about storing them unfolded, which means storing them on the guest bed. I have a friend who likewise stores her quilts on the guest bed, underneath the sheets. So it's like sleeping on an old-fashioned elevated bed. I've slept on it, and it was comfortable. But when I tried it with my quilts and our guest bed, I got something that resembled more of a pyramid than a bed. And I would have needed 36" deep pocket sheets to cover it all.

So anyway, the quilts needed to be moved. The nice part about that is getting to see them again. Thankfully there is a nice part to this big job!

Here's an old favorite that features vintage yukata fabric. It is a rendition of my Panel Panache pattern, done in my favorite fabric collage style.

Yukata Panache, Diane Weber, 62" x 80"

I don't remember where I got this particular piece of yukata, but I remember that I only had 1 yard, so I had to be oh so careful in cutting it.

Such an unusual but lovely color combination.

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