Saturday, December 6, 2008

Looking forward to Paris...

Could I be more excited than Megan and Laura? Probably, since they are trying to get through finals, and I just need to finish my Christmas presents, in the right order, so those that need to be shipped can be shipped to arrive before Christmas (which means I have about a week!).

I should have been grouting the welcome plaque instead of making cards, but I couldn't resist. It was one of my creative endeavors for the day, and they deserve pretty congratulations cards :-)

Several months ago I bought this cardmaking kit called "Remember Paris". It is full of that wonderful ephemera that makes me sigh and long for Paris, which I guess is the idea. I still am so inhibited in my collaging / card making...I find there are just too many choices to be made...paper, stickers, tags, ribbons, charms, stamps...

But by using the pictures as a guide, I was able to put a couple things together...

Thankful for choices made :-)

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  1. Diane, your cards are beautiful! I'm not surprised - you are such a talent. A friend of mine sells Stamping Up products. I've never purchased any, but she spurred my interest in homemade cards, and I've been enjoying creating them ever since too. It's about as close as I get to doing collage.