Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back

What a great year...what an eventful year...what happened?
The great thing is, I have a blog to look back on, to remember the year!
It was hard to get started, but now I wish I could go back and capture everything, write down everything, to enable looking back, fondly, at the best...

If I had to capture each month in only one picture...

January...our 11th anniversary celebrated at Kirkwood.

February...Megan's 20th birthday, with the floorcloth I made her, that never actually made it to the floor, because she liked it too much to put it on the floor.

March...Spring Break spent on Maui...ah...

April on all captured in blogland...thanks for a great year, and here's to looking forward to many many more.


  1. I love the Kirkwood piture the best! Looks like Winter!

  2. Beautiful photos! I never seem to be in the pics...I'm always the photographer...Gotta work on that this year.