Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Minute Mosaic Gift

The best gifts, in my opinion, are those for which I have to buy nothing. Not that I didn't buy the component somethings at one point, but everything I need is in the house, relatively handy.

I've been planning to make a mosaic for Dziem, ever since she was last over and admired my mosaic tables. For a 20-year old girl to mention how much she liked something, and even to go so far as to say "keep on doing those mosaics because they're beautiful", I think that means she really likes them, not just "there goes Megan's Mom doing something crafty again".

Back when I first starting painting, Donna Dewberry style, I bought cheap wood things to paint at Michaels. This tray has been sitting in my closet for a number of years, quite dusty.

Thankfully I have plenty of acrylic paint around, and even though we cleaned out my "painting room" to make way for eating Christmas dinner, the paints were out and handy.

Then there are the tesserae (I love that word!). At first I thought I might not have anything, because I knew I didn't have any focal pieces. But by just combining some amber glass gems with sliver-cut pieces of red iridescent stained glass (yes, I cut them myself with my Lepps!), I was able to make a focal. Added in some broken china, the last of the pink and green stained glass I used on my very first mosaic table, the beautiful china fleur-de-lis pieces, lovely ceramic leaves from Carol aka CMK Sculptures and Linda of Linda's Mosaic Treasures.

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