Monday, December 1, 2008

December Theme Week...another Snow Globe ACEO

Months ago I bought some bubble stickers. I've seen them used in scrapbooks and I liked the way they looked. I had no idea at the time what I would do with them. I don't really scrapbook, although I do find it interesting, but like collage, I get stuck when there are too many choices to make. So I bought these stickers and put them on the shelf in my studio. Then as the shelf started getting more crowded, I moved them somewhere.

Here we are months later, and I am thinking these stickers would make good snowglobes. But where are they?? As usual, spent days looking for them. Had I had a heat radar, they would have practically burned me several times, as I keep looking in the place where they were eventually found.

I thought maybe I could just buy more, but I hated doing that, knowing they were somewhere in this room, plus JoAnns didin't seem to have them anymore. I practically gave up and went in a different direction, making my snowman snow globe model. but something made me look one more time, and I found them! Right where I thought they were! For this I am so thankful!

So I had to scurry to put this ACEO together. I searched then resized tiny images of some of my favorite places - New York (well, New York itself is not really a favorite place, but I do like the Status of Liberty), Paris (ah, j'aime bien Paris!), San Francisco (beautiful city by the bay, what's not to like?) and...I tried the Alps, but they were too small to discern in the 1" circle, and I tried Hawaii, but that also wasn't very clear, so I settled on the North Pole :-)

Then what to do with the snowglobes? I think it was Megan that suggested putting them on a shelf. So I started drawing a shelf on some watercolor paper, but I can't really paint on paper. Then I remembered the balsa wood! A folksy shelf painted on wood, covered with some gel medium for gloss and stickiness, add the paper images, add the bubble stickers, and I present..."My Favorite Places Snow Globe Collection".

ACEO My Favorite Places Snowglobe Collection, Diane Weber, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"