Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blue Plate Special

This past Sunday Megan and I strolled through the Haight. Despite the cold rain, it was fun and will of course be memorable (thank you, Megan, for sharing your favorite places with me!). My new mosaic hobby prompted several stops and purchases. First stop was Mendel's Far Out Fabrics, where I have been before, but never noticed they have a whole little mosaic room! Prices were very high compared to my eBay seller friends, but I still felt compelled to support the local merchant :-)

Then after trolling several vintage clothing stores, we dipped into the Goodwill store. My mosaic friends tell me I should try cutting my own plates. My hands are a bit worried about this, but I thought I would at least look and see what I could find. There were lots of pretty plates, but I don't know how much one should spend for a plate.

After more looking I did come across these sweet little blue plates for only .99 each. Is that a lot? Who knows, but these blue plate specials came home with me.

Big question is...will I actually cut them??


  1. Hi Diane:
    It was such fun to see my Christmas card posted on your blog :) So glad you liked it.
    Around where I live, no, $.99 would not be too much to spend on those plates. A friend tries to find them for less if they are chipped or cracked but mostly they are a dollar.
    I know the feeling - when you find pretty plates like those it's so hard to cut them up. I have a small pile in my basement and haven't been able to bring myself to cut break or cut them yet. They just sit there gathering dust.

  2. First quilts and now mosaics...You have the patience of a saint Diane! I bet you actually enjoy jigsaw puzzles! If you ever did a drawing I bet it would be a pen and ink in stipple like Robert E. Lee (B.I. Ink.) Am I right? I wish I was patient!!

  3. Happy Holidays to you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work! Jenna Louise