Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And Sometimes I Manage to Make an ACEO

I've had this poinsettia in my head for days. Seems everywhere I turned, there was a poinsettia. I love them, with their rich red leaves, of course purported to be poisonous. But I don't want to eat them, just revel in their rich complimentary color scheme. (btw, I am so thankful for complimentary colors!)

I looked to the side of my cube where I have a fabric tree hanging, and there on it was a poinsettia. And I had completely forgotten this, but I bought poinsettia Christmas cards (for Tod to send...I don't do Christmas cards).

I got the fabrics out yesterday, or was it the day before...and finally, tonight, it was not busy in my store (that's not a good thing :-() so I was able to make a poinsettia ACEO.

ACEO Poinsettia, Diane Weber, 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"

I started with a white fairy frost as the base, some dark green fabrics for leaves, sections of a beautiful scrap of red hand-dyed fabric for the petals. I used green metallic thread on the leaves, red rayon on the petals, and glued a cluster of tiny gold seed beads in the center.

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  1. Diane, that's a beautiful aceo, and so festive!!