Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome Home Starry Starry Days

Some quilts mean more to me than others. And I can't always explain why, and it isn't always obvious. Sometimes it's because I worked particularly hard and am particularly proud of the results. Sometimes it's because other people really like it.

But there is more that goes into a quilt than just fabric, thread and batting. While it might sound cliche, a lot of love goes into quilts, even those made for commercial purposes.

Last night I welcomed home Starry Starry Days. I designed and made this quilt for EE Schenck company, as I have made many a quilt for my good friends at EE Schenck. The fabric collection, Full Sun, was a long time in the making. I had sample fabric for about a year before the collection was complete. So I had a long time to grow fond of the lovely sunflowers.

Between the time I first saw the fabric and ultimately designed the quilt, I has the chance to visit Arles and confirm a place in my heart for all things Vincent. While the quilt was away, I had two more opportunities to experience Vincent's sunflowers first hand... once in Paris and once in Amsterdam.

Recently I sold all the leftover sunflower fabrics, and I had that same nostalgic feeling as I was packing the fabric into the box. "I really like this fabric, do I really want to let it go?" Too late for regrets, it went to a good home in Australia (Hi Jacqui!).

I am so happy to welcome home Starry Starry Days. There she is snuggled up on the couch, between Big Blossom Trio in the window and on the table, and another old starry favorite quilt over the back of the couch.

I look at this quilt and I feel the warmth of the Provence countryside, I smell the lavender, I can see the stars over the Rhone...

Destined to probably be the last of my commercial that another reason why I feel so sentimental??

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  1. Diane, that's a beautiful quilt! And no one looking at your living room would wonder what YOUR passion is! :)