Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ups & Downs of African Violets

I fuss too much over them, I know that. I move and turn and check them multiple times per day. I spritz the soil with my straw, keep the dust off the leaves, put out extra water to increase the humidity. Before I leave for the weekend, I rearrange them so they'll get the best light while the desk fluorescents are off. So it's my own fault, and I feel terrible about it...but I dumped one of my violets today, breaking off 3 leaves and chipping the pot :-(

It actually doesn't seem all the worse for wear, although a little bare and imbalanced, and why did the good leaves have to break off, and not the dry leaves :-(
I did bring them home wrapped in a wet tissue so maybe I can get at least one of them to regrow.

But as I was cleaning up the mess and refussing, I found a tiny baby leaf coming up from the leaf I planted several weeks ago, or was it months ago?? :-)

The second flowering African Violet fortunately has escaped any clumsy fussing, rewarding me with new flowers daily.

Maybe that's why I like flowers in quilts...once they're done, no fussing required.

Yukata Delight, Diane Weber, 42" x 48"


  1. Beautiful work Diane,I love Violets with all their mauve colour ranges. I use to feel the same way when I planted hanging baskets I hated breaking leaves.

  2. The flowers are beautiful, but that quilt is exquisite Diane!

  3. Thanks, Linda & Deb! Yes, I love this quilt...it's very simple and striking. But I must try to part with them...I have too many! :-)