Monday, November 24, 2008

Time to Collect My Blog Awards

Several of my blogging friends have been kind enough to bestow blogging awards upon me, and I always seem to be too far behind in things to properly acknowledge them.

Well, in this week of Giving Thanks, it is time to thank my blogging friends Melodie and Jenna Louise for their blog awards.

Now I know I am supposed to bestow these awards upon others, but having just tagged a few people, I think I will postpone that for just a little while :-)


  1. Thanks for posting the awards:) You deserve them:) I'm thrilled you stopped by my blog. I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Editor to make my bar for the blog. It's a great program and easy to use. Happy Thanksgiving! Jenna Louise

  2. Congrats on your awards Diane...And I'm enjoying all the Christmas trees you've made lately!

  3. My big congrats Diane, you must be proud of yourself!