Saturday, November 22, 2008


I've been tagged by Deb of Artshtick's Corner... I hope I can find new people to tag...

Hmmm, six things, different from the six things I mentioned before.
Six Unimportant Things About Myself...
  1. I love to play Scrabble.
  2. I'm currently reliving my childhood by watching Dark Shadows from the very beginning, and loving it!
  3. I have a Master's Degree in Physics. Yes, I said Physics. At this point in my life that is surprisingly unimportant.
  4. I have a stuffed pet cow named Floppy that I love more than any other of my stuffed pets.
  5. I miss playing kickball.
  6. I could easily become the 2nd fan of Flight of the Conchords.
I'll be back with my tag list. ..
OK this was tough, because most of the people in my blog list have already been tagged. But here are at least four:
  1. Melody Lamb
  2. Nancy of ManicMosaics
  3. Sabrina
  4. Loredana
Write six unimportant things about yourself, and tag six others, if you can :-)


  1. Thanks for the nice comments Diane!
    I use a company CafePress to produce my tiles. I am sorry I can not participate in the fun blog tagging, I just cant carve out the time, but thanks for the tag all the same!


  2. Hi Diane, thanks for tagging me, and of course for bidding on my nibblefest. I'm supposed to tag you, but I really don't know how to do that, anyway I'll happily put you in my friend list so anyone coming there can arrive directly to you!

    Enajoy your art and your wonderful family.