Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Story of a Party Dress Quilt

Once upon a time there was this quilter who designed original quilts for a fabric company creating a new collection called "Garden Party". The collection name evoked images of ladies in pretty dresses with big hats and parasols, in a garden full of roses with round tables covered in crisp white linen and pink napkins.
How to convey that in a quilt??
The quilt designer googled 'party dress' and up came the most lovely dress. It wasn't necessarily in a garden setting, but it was so pretty, she knew this was the one.

The shapes of the dress got transferred onto paper, measured six ways to sunday, and made over and over from this lovely fabric collection (from Lakehouse Dry Goods) until the proportions were just right.

And then there came the "Party Frocks" quilt.
The skirts of the dresses are three-dimensional and lift off the surface of the quilt. The triangular bodices have sometimes been mistaken for cat faces (hmmm, a good idea??).

Flora Garden Party Frocks, Diane Weber, 48" x 48" (Sold)

Is this a perfect little girl quilt?

Day Z Frocks, Diane Weber, 18" x 48"

This is truly making a long story short. Stay tuned for more short stories about the making of quilts from a variety of inspirations.

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