Monday, November 3, 2008

Rosewood Quilt

One of the first originally designed quilts I ever made, one of the first challenges to design for a fabric collection, one of my first advantures with larger-scale blocks and scale variation in a contemporary abstract quilt...Rosewood!

The Rosewood fabric collection was designed by my colleague Jane Kriss for Northcott Monarch fabrics. My challenge was to create a 30" x 40" quilt, which is an odd measurement, not at all a "golden rectangle". But that was the size of the Northcott display area, and so that's what I had to work with. That was so long ago, I think I only have a hardcopy photo, which I'll have to look for.

Meanwhile, this quilt still looks good.

Rosewood, Diane Weber, 30" x 40" (SOLD)

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