Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quilt Fabric.. Favorites from Kona Bay

I haven't met too many fabrics I haven't liked, but there was always something about Kona Bay fabric that would grab me and hold on, tugging at my leg and purse strings, until I would break down and buy it!
So now here I am with too much ;-)
But the imagery on these Japanese fabric gems is just irresistable to me...elegant flying cranes over a moonlit landscape...

Look at the beautiful rich colors! This panel is from the Kona Bay Emperor's Collection, a clever and successful marketing ploy to get people like myself to buy this limited edition fabric. But I am not's beautiful!

This fabric with it's 24" repeat, shown here in another color, is perfect for my Double Delight pattern, which uses an 18 1/2" x 24 1/2" panel in two spots.

Had I the will power to resist either of the above fabrics, it would have melted at the sight of this one, as I cannot resist Asian / Oriental reds.

Double Delight, Diane Weber, 62" x 72"


  1. Oh sew pretty! I love the fabric also! I gave you a blog award on my page:) Be sure to check it out if you can! Have a wonderful day! Jenna Louise

  2. Gorgeous fabrics - did you buy all 3 colorways? I love asian fabric too. And I LOVE your Double Delight quilt - beautiful!