Monday, November 10, 2008

Official Blooming

After more than two years of waiting, my office African Violets are in bloom!
What a pleasant surprise to come into the office on a Monday morning and see tiny flowers on my lovely plants.

Pink and green, from nature to quilt, always a tie between the two...

Fun Floral Supernnova, Diane Weber, 60" x 60"


  1. How beautiful! We moved our office about 3 years ago and our violets did not do well in the move. I've started a few other vines and such, but I have the itch to start a few violets again...I think I will after seeing yours. Beautiful quilt as always, your work is outstanding. Jenna Louise

  2. Gorgeous photos...and I love how you've translated the colors into your quilt. Fantastic textile art, Diane, just...glorious!