Tuesday, November 11, 2008

National Blog Posting Month

I knew there were a lot of bloggers out there. Some might think it's a fad, the thing to do, the latest trend in e-whatevering, but I kinda think this one is here to stay. It's simply the online extension of something that's been occurring for...forever?

Call it journaling, call it "Dear Diary", talking story, artist morning pages (yikes, imagine 3 pages per day on a blog!!), self-expression..call it what you will, those that get it, get it, and those that don't, don't.

Getting started was the hardest thing for me...thought about it for at least a year or more, just like my eBay Store (no, thought about my eBay store for like 3 years). Just pick a day, find a service you like, preferably free, and say what's going on that day.

It's not blabbing, it's not gossip, it's not trivial, but of course you can make it that if you want.

It is finding something special and interesting for the day, maybe private, maybe public, maybe funny, maybe sad. And so what if no one reads it.

One of the most touching stores I ever read was from a wonderful artist who passed away recently. She had kept up a blog, and the last post she wrote was with some wonderful photos from when she was still well, sharing her artwork and very positive feelings. After she passed, her daughter had her blog to read.

Keep on blogging, folks!

And in this spirit, I bring you the newly discovered "National Blog Posting Month"!

Visit NaBloPoMo

A post a day, that's all we ask, kind of like California Walnuts :-)

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