Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Playing Cards, ACEOs, Playing Card ACEOs

What is this fascination with playing cards? Is it something new? I think if I reach way back into the memory banks, I recall playing cards with my mom. But its only a faint memory, and I'm not even sure if its true. Then there was concentration, trying to remember where the cards were hidden. Did I play that with Robert? Or by myself? Oh and the cheap trick "want to play 52 pickup?" I clearly recall tons of games of 500 rummy with Megan. It never even mattered who won. It seems throughout my life there was this fascination with holding the cards, arranging the cards, sorting the cards, observing the cards, touching the cards.

No wonder I can't stop flipping over and over through my ACEO 'deck', or at least the diamonds. Does no one else share my fascination??

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