Monday, October 27, 2008

Shooting Star...Seen and Quilted!

Location: Kirkwood, California
Date: October 25, 2008
Time: About 8 PM

A: "You know what we should do, we should go out and look at the stars. We never get to see stars from home."
B: "But it's cold outside."
A: "It won't take that long, we'll just go out and look up and come back in."
B: "But I don't have any clothes for going out at night."
A: "There are plenty of coats and stuff here, just go get a coat."
B: "OK"

A few minutes later...
A: "Wow, there are tons of stars out here, we can even see the Milky Way."
B: "Do you know what the Milky Way is?"
A: "Star dust?"

A&B: "Oh look! Gasp! Wow! A shooting star!!"

(OK, so we didn't take this picture, but this is just what it looked like! The background was much better, however, with millions of clear pinpoint stars and the swath of the Milky Way.)

How about a contest - guess who said what correctly and I'll send you a prize.

OK, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming... Star Quilts!

One of the older star quilts in my repertoire, this is a "Stack-n-Whack" technique quilt made with a Faberge eggs fabric.
Faberge Quilt
Faberge Star, Diane Weber 65" x 65"

This next star, "Star of the Orient" was an original design I did for Quilter's World magazine, with fabric provided by Kona Bay fabric company.
Star of the Orient, Diane Weber, 45" x 45"

All 41 pieces in each star (that's 369 total) of this Alto's Star quilt were accurately cut using the Alto's Quilt Cut. This is also the first quilt I quilted with a Handi-Quilter.
Alto's Star Bright
Alto's Star, Diane Weber, 37" x 47"

These next four are samples of my Supernova pattern. This first and last were made for Lakehouse Dry Goods, the two in the middle for Maywood Fabric Company.
Rose Toile Supernova, Diane Weber, 60" x 60"

Fun Floral Supernova, Diane Weber, 60" x 60"

Fireworks Supernova Quilt
Fireworks Floral Supernova, Diane Weber, 60" x 60"

Super Bits
Super Bits 'n Lotta Dots, Diane Weber 48" x 48"

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  1. I am so pleased I stumbled upon your blogsite. It is so inspiring. thank you!